What is this?

These are the random musings of a "Kid" (not young enough to be a child, not mature enough to be an adult).

I'm doing this as I wander just kinda trying to figure out how to navigate work, personal projects, programming and whatever else. Part geek, part sysadmin, part security researcher, all busy, all the time.

This is hopefully going to serve as a central testing ground. It'll be a programming project (redesigining the site as need be), documentation for any useless shit I write that other people might be interested in, other useful things I really don't know the use cases for yet, and a blog.

Blog? WTF BBQ?

Yeah. You know. One of those things where the person writes occasional articles that sometimes have information about some topic or just go fucking insane and talk about whatever the hell they feel like? Think of your favorite blogger. Then make them less articulate, less funny, with less exciting ideas and probably about stuff you don't care about. Yeah! That sounds about like me! If i'm even feeling exciting, I'll add pictures! and maybe video! But that would be all.

In all honesty, it's intended to be a bit of a venting place for me, as well as an exercise in how to write. Hopefully I can put down information and thoughts that provoke those things in other people. As I get better at writing, my ability to successfully express my thoughts and ideas should get better, leading to better communication, hopefully leading to more conversation, better thoughts, and more posting. It's a great circle of ideas and competency!

About your author

I'm a decent person, no more, no less. People tend to think I'm nicer than I actually am, which is their problem. My interests include Keyboards, Security, Programming, Running, Conventions, Capitalizing Things That Shouldn't Be Capitalized, and occasionally I manage to actually hit the gym and make myself a bit more fit.

If you know what you're doing, and you really want to, you can figure out who I am pretty easily. If you're really into that, that's cool, I'd just prefer that you don't spread that information, as I like imagining that the weird porn I've seen and terrible code I write isn't kept in some database by my government, and that anonymity is still somewhat possible in this world of ours.

You can reach me at kravlin@chronostasis.net